Call to Outsystems testers: new version of Box Connector is out!

João Almeida
1 min readOct 13, 2020
Photo by Avi

A new version of the BoxConnector, the Box integration for Outsystems applications, has been published in the Outsystems Forge, containing the merge of existing BoxConnector v2, a forked implementation with added features that has been deprecated since, that includes:

  • Better support for JWT authentication.
  • Allows to use As-User impersonation while calling the Box API.
  • Support for Metadata.

Since this was a significant merge and currently I don’t have access to an enterprise Box application, needed to test JWT integration properly, this release hasn’t been marked as Production Ready yet.

This means that anyone that uses this component, or even the deprecated v2, is welcome to upgrade to this Development version and report any found issues, both in existing features or new ones (specially regarding the updated JWT integration), so that it can be marked as Production Ready for everyone.

Check it at Outsystems Forge!



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