• Anthony Pond

    Anthony Pond

  • Will


    Blogger @goingawesomeplaces. Addicted to travel. Travel photographer. Point hoarder. Adventure freak. Love talking itineraries and trip planning.

  • Konda Reddy Yaramala

    Konda Reddy Yaramala

    Software Engineer | Writing about things one at a time | Let’s connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/konda-reddy-y-50ba71157/ | Follow me on Medium!

  • Isa



  • Jennifer Lehner

    Jennifer Lehner

    Digital Marketing Strategist. I simplify social media marketing. Check out my free tutorials http://facebook.com/thejenlehner

  • Gonçalo Rodrigues

    Gonçalo Rodrigues

    Software developer.

  • André Rico

    André Rico

    Web/Mobile developer. Based in Lisbon. Working at @darwinLabs.

  • Inimigo Público

    Inimigo Público

    Se não aconteceu... podia ter acontecido! Às sextas-feiras com o jornal Público. http://bit.ly/facebookinimigo Gerido por @joaomhenrique

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