I love when open source just works!

One of my projects is something called t3mujinpack, a collection of film emulation presets for Darktable, an open source RAW developer that I happen to use to develop my photos.

Back then I started to build those presets, which are built upon a features called Tone Curves, using existing color lookup tables (like the film emulations on RawTherapee) as a reference and starting point, also because at the time Darktable didn’t support them at the time. Although it was meant to be a one-man project, I ended up creating it as an open-source project, just for the sake of giving back to the community, and the truth his there has been people giving an helping hand. More recently someone submitted a “pull request” that included all the presets exported back to color lookup tables. This means that those presets, that only work in Darktable, now can be used in other imaging softwares, in some kind of weird and great full circle. It’s these kind of things that make you love open-source!!

This opens up some possibilities, by allowing it to be used in many other imaging softwares. The caveat is the software must support color lookup tables, if possible in haldCLUT format or other than can be converted from haldCLUT (like 3D LUT). These are still under heavy development, and can’t yet be found in the stable release, but feel free to download from Github and try to apply these color look tables to your photos to get the same look. Hopefully!…


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João Almeida

Web developer that takes photos and wanders the world. Based in Lisbon, Portugal. Working at @darwinLabs, mostly with Outsystems . http://joaoalmeida.info