Processed with Kodak Kodachrome 200

A new release of t3mujinpack (my Darktable film emulation presets) is ready and available for all. Unlike the previous one, where most emulations were updated in a big way, this is a smaller release, but one with new things nevertheless.

With the regular use while processing my photos (like the above photo using Kodachrome 200, taken on a recent flea market photowalk) some presets received some fine tweaks, and in the end it’s no surprise some of these changes were in two of my most used preset groups: Fuji Provia and Kodak Kodachrome. These finer and less frequent adjustments could also mean something for the upcoming version: stronger and more subtle variations of some presets (just like G’MIC film emulations for Kodak Portra).

Another change was on the uninstall scripts, needed to install this version over the previous one. A big thanks to Marek for submitting those fixes on github.

  • Updated Fuji Pro 400H and 800Z.

Head over to the main page for more details and samples or register right now to download it.

Originally published at on March 26, 2017.

Web developer that takes photos and wanders the world. Based in Lisbon, Portugal. Working at @darwinLabs, mostly with Outsystems .

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