t3mujinpack 0.6.0 is out

João Almeida
2 min readApr 13, 2020
t3mujinpack Kodak Gold 200 emulation

A long overdue update of t3mujinpack! I was meant to release this version to match the launch of Darktable 3, but a bug related with the edit of existing styles prevented me from editing them, and thus had to wait for Darktable 3.0.1 to be released to wrap this up.

As you might expect from such a huge amount of time since the last release, there are a few updates. First of all, most of existing styles were re-tested and, for many, re-tweaked. Second, a new set of presets of consumer negative films, to complement existing emulations with a different mood. Third, styles can now be grouped so they are more manageable to use, this will be available in a separable download that will work exactly the same, and can even work together.

Flat hierarchy

Shows the full, big list without any hierarchy, the way the presets have been show in Darktable until know.

One-level hierarchy

Groups presets into three different sections (Color Slide, Color Negative and Black & White).


  • New style: Fuji Fortia SP 50.
  • New style: Kodak Ektachrome 100 G.
  • New style: Agfa Vista 100.
  • New style: Agfa Vista 200.
  • New style: Agfa Vista 400.
  • New style: Kodak ColorPlus 200.
  • New style: Kodak Gold 200.
  • New style: Kodak Ultra Max 400.
  • Scripts supporting for Darktable 3.0.x database.
  • Option for hierarchical view.
  • Tweaks in most of existing styles.

Head over to the main page of t3mujinpack for more details and samples or register to download it.

Originally published at https://blog.joaoalmeidaphotography.com on April 13, 2020.



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